About Us

Glimmer Of Hope Inc (GOH)

Glimmer of Hope is an incorporated, not-for-profit and voluntary Palestinian community organisation, which is concerned with promoting, maintaining and celebrating Palestinian culture and heritage in Australia.

Our Story

The Palestinian diaspora is a cross-generational lived experience shared by x Australian Palestinians. While the tale of the Palestinian diaspora is commonly punctuated by countless chapters of triumphs and displays of Palestinian excellence; the trials of exile, whether voluntary or otherwise, had withstood the test of time. In the words of Edward Said: “Exile is strangely compelling to think about but terrible to experience. It is the unhealable rift forced between a human being and a native place, between the self and its true home”. Glimmer of Hope was established with the core aim to create our own sense of home with one another in the diaspora and to ensure that the new generations of Palestinian Australians grow up feeling connected to our Palestinian roots.


To bring Palestinians and the broader Australian community together in celebration of the vibrant Palestinian culture, heritage and history. To solidify ties of support within the community and continue to highlight the positive Palestinian identity among the greater public.


Protecting the memory. Empowering the community. Building the future in South Australia. Act as the go-to association for residents and new arrivals of Palestinian origins; to connect, meet and support one-another, as well as accelerate society integration while keeping close ties with our community, heritage and history.


  • Respect: At the core of everything we do is respect. Respect for one another. Respect for our ideas. Respect for our culture.
  • Integrity: Our promise is to be open and honest with everything we do. We pride ourselves in behaving righteously and putting our community’s best interests first.
  • Unity: Building a strong and united community is essential for the success of our organisation. For we are only as successful as we are united.
  • Empathy: We share in each of our successes as we also share one another's pain. For that we care deeply for each and every member in our community to ensure that we help one another in our lows and support one another in our highs.
  • Growth: We want to grow the Palestinian community that highlights our heritage and represents us in a way that makes us proud.


  • Promote & disseminate information about Palestinian history, heritage and culture in Australia.
  • Provide a forum for Palestinian Australians to practice their culture, celebrate their heritage and to foster closer ties between them.
  • Encourage and promote Palestinian community's integration with the Australian society and its diverse ethnic groups.
  • Engage and collaborate with similar organisations that support the same objectives.
  • Raise funds for charitable causes including the support of new arrivals and refugees.

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