GOH Executive Committee

Chairperson: Enaam Oudeh

I am honoured to be elected as the Chairperson of Glimmer of Hope (GOH) Association. I arrived to Australia following the first Gulf war late 1991 with my husband and 2 sons, I was born in Nazareth and lived with Palestinians of all faiths across our beloved land and today I am a grandmother of 4 grandchildren and we all live in our beautiful South Australia. I am of nursing background with extensive experience in community development and health education, I teach intercultural training and support all activities that is likely to strengthen harmony in our community. Serving as the chairperson of GOH gives me a great privilege to use my skills and knowledge to work with other members of the executives to help our Palestinian community integrate, have a presence in society, thrive and always contribute to the positive cultural landscape of Australia. As a Chairperson I call for all members of our community to work together in support of all new comers to also help accelerate their integration to society, to promote our cultural heritage and educate others about us and about our beautiful language food and culture. Together we will work hard to make Australia our new home while fulfilling our responsibilities in acknowledging, respecting and honouring the land of Australia as the land of aboriginal people where their past, present and future ancestries live.

Enaam Oudih https://www.linkedin.com/in/enaam-oudih-49660258/

Deputy Chairperson: Lama Alhammouri

Strengthening, supporting and uniting the Palestinian community in their journey to establish themselves in the fabric of South Australia is the core foundation of Glimmer of Hope and it is my honour as Deputy Chairperson and Co-founder  to serve this purpose. Born in Kuwait to Palestinian parents, and having moved to Jordan in the early 80s, the warm and connected nature of our wonderful Arab culture had always made it possible to feel at home despite living in the harsh Palestinian diaspora. Arriving in South Australia in 2009, for the first time, my family longed for the warm sense of home and faced many difficulties in navigating the Australian system on our own.

As the first and only Palestinian community association in SA, our aim is to help new and existing Palestinian families to overcome the difficulties of establishing their life in our new and shared home and navigate the Australian society through sharing lived experiences. This aim is reinforced through our efforts to promote the sense of home by uniting and connecting the community.

By profession, I am a practicing Family Dispute Resolution practitioner with 15 years experience as a corporate lawyer in Amman, Jordan.

Treasurer and Public Officer: Ahmad Haji

I have the pleasure of serving as Treasurer as well as Public Officer of Glimmer Of Hope (GOH) Association. I am a Palestinian, born and raised in Kuwait. Along with my parents and siblings, we migrated to Jordan as a result of the first gulf war in 1991. I later lived in several other Arab and European countries until I decided to migrate with my wife to Australia. We arrived here in 2018 and today I am the proud father of a beautiful little Aussie girl. Having moved to Australia with my family after a long successful career in marketing and communications abroad, I have first-hand knowledge of the struggles that people in marginalised cohorts of society can face when assumptions are made about their capabilities, value and contribution. As someone with a diverse culture, I am on a mission to influence people from all walks of life to look beyond perceived diversities of others and see them for the talented, adaptable and committed humans they are and the value that they can bring to the cultural richness of society, the economy and Australia as a whole. An integrated inclusive community is a stronger community – with GOH, we aim to achieve that.

Ahmad Haji https://www.linkedin.com/in/ahmadhaji/

Secretary: Kay Batah

I have the pleasure of serving as Secretary of Glimmer of Hope (GOH) Association. I’m a Palestinian, born in a multi-faith household and raised in diverse ethno-cultural society. Along the years I have migrated to four different countries and finally landed in Australia in 2017.

I have always been fascinated by how diverse humanity is and how similar cultures are fundamentally similar yet different in appearance; I have always found that a source of richness.

Working with GOH enables me to capitalise on my skills to influence and promote cultural integration into the greater Australian society, yet preserve that unique flavour of a Palestinian community. I’m very honoured to be part of GOH and looking forward serving the community.


Executive Member: Omaya Elassaad

Thrilled to be a GOH executive committee member, my duties are focused on events planning and organising. I am a Palestinian born in Syria and a proud mother of three. We have migrated to Australia in 1983 after living in France for many years. As an active community member, my job as an Arabic interpreter keeps me in contact with the community. I am always happy to serve the community in any way I can.

Executive Member: Farah Babaa

Born into the third generation of the Palestinian diaspora and raised in Australia, preserving  the efforts of our forefathers in protecting the memory and strengthening the Palestinian community in an Australian context has been a constant driving force. With extensive experience in non-for-profit organisations, my role in GOH is to support the overall operation of the association with focus on community unity, youth involvement, and promoting the Palestinian culture in the Australian society.

Executive Member: Nadia Al lahhamm

Executive Member: Omar Barakeh

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