New Arrival Support

This initiative focuses on creating a committee responsible for welcoming new Palestinian arrivals to Adelaide, advising and assisting them to settle in SA and to ensure a smooth transition and faster integration.

About Us:

This committee is a group effort led by Palestinian volunteers to collect, document and summarize the years of experience and knowledge of the Palestinian community of South Australia. The experiences and shared knowledge will soon be refined by the community volunteers and compiled into a manual that lists processes, procedures, and information. This should facilitate new arrivals’ settlement and integration in both local Palestinian community and the Australian society.

Committee Scope:

Welcome committee: This committee provides an initial point of contact for these arrivals with local Palestinian community. It will also designate members/ volunteers to provide help / advise.

Guidance, support and advisory role: This Committee is a collaborative and open knowledge source, in which we sum up and refine our community knowledge about SA / AU, recommendations, guidance, experience and put it in written form for us and for the new comers.
*Local SA & Palestinian community business database: *****This Committee would support local Palestinian business by listening them and promoting them in community. It will also list critical local SA business as part or the advisory and guidance scope.

Logistic support: If available, This committee can provide hand-on logistic support. The committee will arrange to share pre-loved resources with the new arrivals.

Key Resources

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