Countdown to 400 weeks of Adelaide activism

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28 May 2018

Three hundred weeks ago our protest group could not believe that we were actually counting down to our 100 week anniversary of taking to the streets of Adelaide to educate as many people as possible about Palestine and the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) call. 

We were totally committed to the cause but knew that political groups tend to fragment and certainly the constant Zionist harassment was difficult to deal with and could have possibly chipped away at our resilience.

We created a YouTube to show our pride in that early milestone:

And now, at Week 392, we are counting down to 400 weeks and the BDS group is stronger and even more committed to the cause of a just peace for the Palestinians.

In looking back one of the most heartening aspects of this campaign has been connecting with interstate and international activists and joining in world-wide actions. I have no doubt that the power of international BDS solidarity will end Israel’s brutal military occupation of Palestine.

We have received huge levels of support for our work from all over the world and just this week received an email from Ireland. The Belfast Palestinian Solidarity Movement wrote:

“Keep up the good fight for our good brothers and sisters in Palestine. We are protesting here every week. Sometimes twice a week. We have seen some your protest online and it heartens us. Free, Free Palestine!”

After every sniper shot, every amputation, every funeral during Israel’s recent unconscionable attack on the peaceful protesters in Gaza the Palestinians remain strong and unbeaten. Their sumud (‘steadfastness’) in the face of such suffering is our inspiration.  Our group is even more determined to spread the message to Australians who are starved of the truth on this issue.

Margaret Cassar, May 2018.

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