Media Report, 31 July 2017

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Selections from Australian newspapers.

Bob Carr says former colleague Mark Dreyfus tried to silence him over Israel settlements, Sydney Morning Herald, 31JUL2017

Former foreign minister Bob Carr has accused his erstwhile cabinet colleague Mark Dreyfus of an extraordinary attempt to “silence” him over his criticism of Israeli settlements on the West Bank. Mr Carr says early in the 2016 federal election campaign, Mr Dreyfus, a former attorney-general and member for the Victorian seat of Isaacs, along with the member for Melbourne Ports, Michael Danby, sought a meeting with wealthy businessman Huang Xiangmo. …

NSW Labor urges next ALP federal government to recognise Palestine, Sydney Morning Herald, 30JUL2017

The NSW Labor conference has passed what is being hailed as a “historic” motion that urges the next federal Labor government to recognise Palestine. The motion, put by former foreign minister and NSW premier Bob Carr, passed the conference on Sunday night. The original motion had sparked opposition from some pro-Israeli members of the ALP right faction, prompting a meeting last week between Mr Carr, general secretary Kaila Murnain and others, including former NSW union chief Michael Easson. …

NSW ALP set to back Palestine despite ‘furious’ lobbying by Israeli government, Sydney Morning Herald, 30JUL2017

Labor leader Bill Shorten will be under increasing pressure to recognise Palestine after the party’s NSW conference appears set to make an “historic” push to do so, despite some MPs complaining about “furious” lobbying by the Israeli embassy – something the diplomatic mission denies. …

No stopping shift from Israel, The Australian, 31JUL2017

The motion passed this weekend goes further than ever before to bind Labor closer to Palestine. It is a significant defeat for Bill Shorten, his belligerent Victorian right faction and the aggressive Israel lobby, who applied immense pressure on Labor MPs and party officials in recent weeks. There is no mention of a “two-state solution” as a precondition to supporting Palestinian statehood or any reference to “consulting” with “like-minded” nations before granting recognition — the current federal policy — which gives Labor wriggle room. …

NSW Labor resolve to recognise Palestine, NEWS.COM.AU, 30JUL2017

NSW Labor will unconditionally recognise Palestine and push to make Australia the 138th nation to do so if it takes power. A campaign within NSW Labor, headed by former premier Bob Carr, won almost unanimous support from delegates at the state conference on Sunday. Mr Carr proposed the party would need to recognise Palestine – along with Israel – in order to save the two-state solution which affirms the right of both nations to exist within secure borders. …

Bob Carr delivers pro-Palestine policy headache to Bill Shorten, The Daily Telegraph, 30JUL2017

BILL Shorten faces an international policy headache after former foreign affairs minister Bob Carr won through with a NSW Labor conference motion to “recognise Palestine”. A compromise deal negotiated by Mr Carr, former state minister Eric Roozendaal and Labor’s general secretary Kaila Murnain led to a conference vote to “support the recognition and right of Israel and Palestine to exist within secure and recognised borders” and “urges the next Labor government to recognise Palestine”. …

Australia should recognise Palestine to push for peace with Israel, The Australian, 27JUL2017

The push for recognition of the State of Palestine within the Labor Party is too momentous to be discussed solely in the context of factional infighting. Support for the Palestinian right to self-determination transcends factional and partisan divides. The merits of recognising this right speak for themselves. …

NSW Labor conference backs recognition of Palestine and two-state solution, The Guardian, 30JUL2017

The New South Wales Labor conference has urged the next federal Labor government to recognise Palestine in a development likely to flow through to the party’s national conference next July. The motion carried by delegates in Sydney on Sunday night affirmed the two-state solution, and it recognised Israel and Palestine’s right to exist “within secure and recognised borders” before urging the next Labor government to recognise Palestine. The references to the two-state solution and the right to exist secure state borders were added during backroom negotiations in the lead-up to the vote. Separate pro-Palestine motions also passed Labor conferences in Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory over the weekend. …


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