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Selections from Australian newspapers.

Emboldened by Trump, Israel pushes on with East Jerusalem settlement plans, Peter Beaumont, The Guardian, 4 July 2017

Rights groups condemn proposals for 1,800 housing units in the heart of a Palestinian neighbourhood.

ALP’s Palestinian push to end Israel bipartisanship, The Australian, 4 July 2017

Recognition of a clearly non-existent Palestinian state is one of the great global
obsessions of our times. But Bill Shorten will be doing neither himself nor the Labor Party
any favours if he allows himself to be steamrolled into going along with moves within the
NSW branch of the ALP to dump 40 years of common sense on Israel and commit a future
Labor government to unconditional recognition of a Palestinian state. There is a warning
for him in the mess British Labour has been in over Palestinian statehood and the highly
damaging perceptions of anti-Semitism and hostility to Israel fed by Jeremy Corbyn’s
“friendship” with Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists.

ALP’s Palestinian change wrong, Greg Sheridan, The Australian, 4 July 2017

Those in the Labor Party with a sensible view of the Middle East have not yet accepted that a proposed NSW resolution — demanding a federal Labor government immediately recognise a Palestinian state — will be translated into a similar, binding resolution at a federal ALP conference next year.


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