Media Report, 25 July 2017

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Selections from Australian newspapers.

Israel says Jerusalem shrine metal detectors to stay despite protests, SMH, 24JUL2017

Jerusalem: The Arab League has warned Israel is “playing with fire” over the “red line” of Jerusalem and its foreign ministers will hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday over Israeli-Palestinian violence. …

Protests over Jerusalem shrine leave six dead and escalate into diplomatic row, SMH, 23JUL2017

New York: The United Nations Security Council will meet on Monday to discuss the bloodiest spate of Israeli-Palestinian violence for years, diplomats said on Saturday.

As Palestinian leaders fight over Gaza, Israel worries Hamas will go to war, SMH, 16JUL2017

Gaza City: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is pursuing a high-risk campaign in the Gaza Strip to squeeze his own people so hard that they might force the Islamist movement Hamas to surrender control of the isolated coastal enclave. …

Several casualties in Jerusalem holy site shooting, police say, SMH, 14JUL2017

Jerusalem: Three gunmen opened fire at police near Jerusalem’s holiest site on Friday, killing two Israeli policemen before security forces killed the attackers, Israeli police said.

Israel says mosque metal detectors to stay, NEW.COM.AU, 23JUL2017

Israel will not remove metal detectors whose installation outside a major Jerusalem mosque has triggered the bloodiest confrontations with the Palestinians in years, but could eventually reduce their use. …

Israel installs new cameras at holy site, NEWS.COM.AU, 24JUL2017

Israel has installed new security cameras at the entrance to a flashpoint holy site in Jerusalem following violent clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian protesters.

Israel seeks ‘alternatives’ after metal detectors at Haram al-Sharif Mosque compound spark violence, Herald Sun, 24JUL2017

ISRAEL has installed new security cameras at the entrance to a sensitive Jerusalem holy site, as officials began indicating it was considering “alternatives” to the metal detectors at the contested shrine that set off a weekend of violence. …

Violence over Jerusalem holy site kills 6, NEWS.COM.AU, 22JUL2017

Six people have ben killed in the bloodiest spate of Israeli-Palestinian violence for years, prompted by new security measures at Jerusalem’s holiest site. …


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