3 Divestment initiatives

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20 April 2017, AFOPA’s “3 Things” Digest


Continuing our close-up look at the 3 aspects of the Palestinian-led BDS campaign. This week we’ll look at Divestments.

3 Divestment initiatives

  • Church divestments
  • Pension/Superannuation fund divestments
  • Local councils choose divestment

& ICYMI… UK high court rules in favour of local councils who support boycott of Israeli occupation.

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Which corporations are profiting from the illegal Israeli occupation? Visit the Who Profits? database to find out. www.whoprofits.org

Churches divest from Israeli occupation in response to call from Palestinian Christians

In 2009 the Palestinian Christian movement issued their Kairos Palestine call, born from a similar vein as the 1985 call from South African theologians against Apartheid in South Africa. The Kairos Palestine document supported non-violent resistance to the illegal Israeli occupation and endorses the Palestinian call for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against the Israeli occupation. Since the Kairos Palestine call, various churches around the world have responded with similar resolutions – here’s a sample:

You, too, can make an impact: what is the position of your church or faith group?

Pension funds and Superannuation funds choose to divest

A growing number of state pension funds are divesting from Israeli companies and/or from multinational companies found to be operating in the Occupied Palestinian Territories or complicit with Israeli occupation practices. European countries have led the way on this front, with various other countries following suit – here’s a sample:

And many more…

You, too, can make an impact: what international shares investment does your superannuation fund hold?

Local councils divest

With community pressure, many local councils and municipalities around the world have been asked to address their corporate social responsibility obligations in their communities.  Local councils can achieve this in various ways: divesting their interests in complicit companies, or choosing to boycott Israeli settlement products, or reconsidering tenders from companies involved in human rights violations, or – in an innovative example from Spain – declaring themselves ‘Apartheid Free Zones.’ – here’s a small sample:

RESOURCE: Guide for local authorities in support of Palestinian rights.

You, too, can make an impact: what’s the policy of your local council on socially responsible investments and practices?

And in case you missed it…

UK high court rules in favour of local councils who support boycott of Israeli occupation, 16 July 2016

“The High Court in the UK has dealt a blow to a pro-Israel group attempting to stifle local councils from taking action in solidarity with the Palestinian people and ruled in favour of three councils who passed resolutions in support of targeted boycotts of Israel’s occupation…”

>> Read full article here

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