3 Analyses of Israel’s new ‘dissenter ban’ law

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16 March 2017, AFOPA’s “3 Things” Digest

The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Campaign

On 6 March 2017 the Israeli Knesset (parliament) passed legislation banning boycott supporters from entry to Israel. 

3 Analyses of the new ‘dissenter ban’ law

  • Israel passes ‘dissenter ban’ [+972mag]
  • Israel says dissenters are unwelcome [NYT]
  • Israel bans entry to supporters of the boycott movement [IMEMC]

& ICYMI…Australian says ‘Arrest me’ [Haaretz]

Israel passes ‘dissenter ban’ barring entry to boycott advocates

Mairav Zonszein, +972mag, 7 Mar 2017

“It’s impossible to predict how and against whom the new law will be applied, but the message it sends is clear: if your politics don’t toe the Israeli government line, you won’t be allowed in. Even if your opposition is entirely non-violent.”

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Israel Says Dissenters Are Unwelcome

Editorial, New York Times, 9 Mar 2017

“[The law is] Counterproductive because [it] projects an image of Israel as hostile to anyone who disagrees with the occupation and settlements, encouraging louder calls for boycotts every time a visitor is turned back at the airport.”

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Israel Bans Entry to Supporters of the Boycott Movement

Interview with Shir Hever, IMEMC, 10 Mar 2017

“In terms of surveillance and violation of privacy there is not a democratic country in the world that stoops to the level of Israel.”

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And in case you missed it…

I Arrive in Israel on March 21. Arrest Me

Various Letters to the Editor, Haaretz, 15 Mar 2017

Rabbi asks “Will you turn me away?” – “Because of my political and religious views, I refuse to recite kiddush over wine that is labeled as made in Kiryat Arba…”

Australian says “Arrest me.” – “From 1973, I volunteered in Israel; from 2001, I have been volunteering in Palestine…”

“Not democracy but dictatorship” – “I don’t know quite how or to whom to express my disgust and concern regarding the direction my beloved country is taking.”

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