Why the ‘days of rage’ in Palestine

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AFOPA Executive member, Prof. Bassam Dally, explains the Palestinian response to the US decision on Jerusalem.  Follow Prof. Dally on twitter @BassamDally or facebook @bassam.dally


US policy change on Jerusalem prompts Palestinian ‘days of rage’ protests

ABC Radio, 8 December 2017

It’s feared there’ll be more violence in the Middle East over the coming hours as the Arab world reacts to the United States’ change of policy on Jerusalem.

Donald Trump’s call will eventually see the US embassy in Israel moved to Jerusalem, contradicting long-standing international assurances to the Palestinians that the fate of the city will be determined in future negotiations.

PM speaks with Professor Bassam Dally, vice president of the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network, who is concerned that President Trump’s decision may be the trigger for a third intifada.

Duration: 4min 7sec
Broadcast: Fri 8 Dec 2017, 6:20pm – access here >>

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