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AFOPA’s “3 Things” Digest

March 2016 ~ We saw 65 patients in two days
March 2016 ~ Time warp in Lebanon
April 2016 ~ UNRWA in Syria


65 patients and 18 operations in 2 days – Adelaide-based opthalmic surgeon,Dr Francis Nathan, reports on his recent visit to Lebanon, working with Palestinian and Syrian refugees fleeing the civil war in neighbouring Syria. AFOPA members and donors supported this important work with resources and medical equipment – thank you!  Click here to read full article >>


“The first two days in Lebanon was a time warp for us.  We were back in Lebanon after five years’ absence and remembering our days, many years ago, as fledgling volunteers…” – occupational therapist, Merlin Nathan, in Lebanon. 

Click here to read full article >>



Humanitarian Update: UNRWA IN SYRIA

Living in contested areas, facing high poverty rates and experiencing tenuous living conditions after fleeing to Lebanon and Jordan, the 560,000 Palestine refugees of Syria have suffered greatly in the crisis over the last five years. We remember the photos of the desperate flood of people fleeing Yarmouk refugee camp in 2014.

An estimated 95 percent of the Palestine refugees registered with UNRWA* in Syria remain inside the country; over two thirds (280,000 people) are internally displaced and some 95 percent (430,000) are in need of sustained humanitarian assistance.

* United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees

Read more about UNRWA’s work to protect Palestine refugees in Syria >>

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